W4’s Dev Prep is here!

Assaf Katz

Design handoff can often be a complex and frustrating process, with designers struggling to structure their files in a way that’s easy for developers to understand and implement. That’s why our team at W4 has created a comprehensive guide to help simplify this process.

We’ve assembled a community Figma file that gives you, designers, a clear structure for starting and organizing your work. The file contains tips, recommendations, and key concepts about:

– Design systems – Style guides – Screen resolutions and responsiveness – Grid and layout techniques – Prototyping

And more!

We’re offering this valuable resource at no cost to support the design community in two flavors: English and Hebrew.

By utilizing our guide, you can ensure a consistent design language and clear communication with developers, streamlining the handoff process. This clarity not only facilitates a more seamless transition from design to development but also empowers designers to effectively convey their vision, ultimately leading to a superior final product.

Check out our Figma file and see how it can benefit your design process. We’d love to hear your feedback! And if you know a designer who could benefit from this tool, tag them in the comments or share this post with them.

Let’s work together to make the design handoff process smoother for everyone!

To the DEV Prep

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